About Us

Heart over Hunger was created by Kaitlyn Leahy in 2017 with the goal to end hunger by supporting food pantries financially. All profits are given directly to food pantries with hopes that families and individuals in need of food will be supported.

Throughout my freshman and sophomore years at Mercy I became particularly involved in community service. For the first time, I could see that society projects this false notion that the poor choose this lifestyle, and that if you want success all you have to do is work hard. I had been given so much and felt it was my duty to give to others, just like I had been given. I realized that from the position I’m in I have the power to completely change peoples lives.

As a then fifteen-year-old this was an idealistic and somewhat impractical mindset to have, however, it is what drove me to somewhat blindly pursue my goals of making a real difference. After much brainstorming, I decided that I would create my own t-shirt company, Heart over Hunger, and donate all of the profit to local food pantries. After months of research on selling and printing t-shirts, creating a website, and creating a brand I decided to hire an artist with my babysitting money, and then proceeded to create a website and officially launch my store.  

In April of 2018, we brought in our first donation of $1,000 to Saint Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen and Amazing Grace Food Pantry of Middletown, Connecticut. A short six months later, we brought in a second donation of $3,000. We have been published in both the Record Journal and the Middletown Press.